Text Me, Slacker

TL;DR — text this number (+1-628-888-6024) and see how we make it easy to build SMS lists.
You can also try our Slack integration!

Let's start here

This tweet came across my feed yesterday:

This person has a ton of message notifications, but only one unread SMS.

In North America, everyone reads their text messages. It's the universal push notification that we all pay attention to. If your pocket buzzes you reach for your phone instinctively.

Currently, many businesses are building relationships over email. They're growing mailing lists. They're sending broadcasts. They're running drip sequences.

Here's what we wanted to know: is it possible to do the same thing, but over SMS?

We weren't sure. SMS feels private. It's even more personal than email. Would people subscribe to (and engage with) an SMS list?

Yes! On our demo list, 100% of people read our text messages, and as many as 50% will reply to it.

We made it easy: all they have to do is text the number, and our system registers them as a subscriber. Try it with my number here:

Text "hi" to +1-628-888-6024

It's even better with Slack

We have a web app where you can create and respond to messages. But it's even better in Slack. Here's a 5 second GIF demo:

Use it in Slack

The Slack integration makes SMS (especially for a business) come alive. You get notified whenever someone texts your number.

And, using /sms, you can reply right in chat.

Try it right now, for $9

We want you to have a chance to use our software without being locked in to a monthly contract.

So try it for only $9. You'll get your own custom number, and 300 SMS messages. People will be able to start subscribing, via text message or subscription form, instantly. Experience for yourself how texting can get you more customers.

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Who's behind this?

Hi! We're Justin Jackson and Marty Dill.

We're not trying to look like a big corporation. In fact, we're a small two person software company based out of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

We might not be big, but we're good at what we do. Marty, a talented software developer, is in the top 7% of all users on Stack Overflow. Justin is a well known Product Manager, and has been featured in The Next Web, Inc. Magazine, and Net Magazine.